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download_me's Journal

download moi
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Welcome to download_me! This is a community where you get to share upcoming artists that you think people will enjoy. This community is run and maintained by me (quietnkissable) and if you break any of the rules below, I will ban your ass. And if you don't have an ass, then I feel bad for you because you are missing out.

1. Be respectful of others choice of music. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that they can't like it.
2. Don't advertise your rating communities and what not here.
3. Don't post anything on here that has nothing to do with what this community is about. Seriously. It bugs the shit out of me.
4. Don't post pictures of yourself. That's what rating communities are for.
5. Don't promote your or someone else's band and leave right afterwards. That's just sad.

Those rules are simple enough hopefully.

Please have fun and be respectful of others in here. And please promote this community!


If you would like to be an affiliate, contact me on my journal quietnkissable and I'll add you. Don't ask to be an affiliate if your community has nothing to do with music though.
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